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Search Engine Optimisation Training

Helping you and your team increase your brand’s presence on Google

The aim of our SEO training is allow you to effectively manage your SEO efforts in-house and reduce the need to outsource.

As with anything worth doing properly, knowing where to focus your efforts is important.

SEO is no different.

Our training courses help you and your team apply your Search Engine Optimisation efforts as effectively as possible, and as a consequence, boost your exposure on Google and other search engines.

We’re not aboutgaming the algorithm

What we help you with is understanding the signals that Google is looking for in order to give you a higher ranking in their search results.  It’s not about uncovering some mythical ‘secrets’ that will magically get you ranked higher.

Delivered online: From £795

Delivered on-site: From £885

What will you learn?

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What Google is looking for

The fundamental determiners which Google uses to rank a website.

On-page optimisation

How the structure of your content play an important role in determining visibility.

Off-page optimisation

Building your brand’s presence outside of your website to drive traffic.

Understanding your results

Knowing which analytics to focus on and areas which need attention.

Who we’ve delivered training and SEO support to

Our approach to training


Online or at your location

Our training is delivered either online or at your place of work.

Reference documents

We’ll provide you a raft of supplementary training guides.

No waffle

We deliver in plain English without unnecessary complexity.

Follow-up support

We’ll help you with any questions you may have after your training.

Meet your instructor

Course outline

Introduction to SEO

  • What is SEO
  • Why are rankings important?
  • How do search engines work?
  • How do people search online?
  • What factors determine where a website ranks?
  • Common SEO obstacles

Conducting Research

  • Keyword research
  • Audience research
  • Competitor research
  • Redundant tactics

On page SEO

  • On page elements
  • On page content
  • E-E-A-T
  • Optimise for keywords or topics?
  • Image & video optimisation
  • Google and AI content
  • User experience and SEO

Introduction to links

  • Internal links
  • Menus & navigation
  • Category pages
  • Landing pages

Off page SEO

  • External links
  • Backlink authority
  • How to get backlinks
  • How to create linkable content
  • How to do a backlink audit
  • Let’s check your backlinks
  • Disavowing toxic backlinks
  • Monitor rankings & progress

Introduction to analytics

  • Common misconceptions
  • Essential analytical tools & software
  • Recovering from a drop in rankings
  • Issues to check

Frequently asked questions

Who will benefit from the training?

Do you offer training throughout the UK?

What can we expect from the training?

What about technical SEO?

How long is the training?

Why choose VUMO to provide your SEO training?

  • Run by an experienced SEO practitioner with over 10 years experience in running SEO campaigns for companies and organisations.
  • Courses are run specifically for your organisation and you are guaranteed personal support throughout the course.
  • Training can be delivered on-site at your location, so no additional travel and expense costs for your employees.
  • You’ll receive the most up-to-date insights into how Google search algorithms work
  • Course notes and support material provided on all topics covered by the training.
  • Post training support to help answer any questions you may have.

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